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.::Condensate sensing drain valve – Series LDV ::.
Condensate sensing type automatic drain valves is the latest advancement in drain valve technology. Instead of operating through cycle timer, these valves sense the condensate level for activation, ensuring absolutely NO LOSS of compressed air and hence enormous ENERGY SAVING Trident condensate sensing type drain valves are highly efficient and reliable. These drain valves can be fitted directly on the equipment simply by replacing the manual drains.

>> Latest in drain valve technology.
>> Electronically senses condensate and activates valve.
>> No air loss and is extremely economical to operate.
>> Status indicator.
>> IP 65 protection.
>> Test button for quick check.
>> No noise as air is not discharged.
>> Capable of draining oily condensate.
Condensate collects in the drain valve and the level slowly rises which is detected by the sensor. When the condensate reaches upper level the controller signals the valve to open. The condensate now drains. When the condensate level reaches low level the controller switches off valve and stops the draining.

The controller routinely checks for health of the system and can detect probe or valve failure and take action. There are 3 LED displays which indicate all these. There is also Test/ Manual override button. The condensate level sensor is of capacitance type. This makes it work on all types of condensates e.g. water, water+oil, water+oil+dust etc.

If the condensate is not discharged due to valve failure then the condensate level will not reach lower limit. The controller energises the solenoid coil for 8 secs. and waits for 2 mins. It repeats the timed cycle of 8 secs. ON and 2 mins. OFF, 4 times. If condensate level does not reach the low limit then the controller activates the alarm mode and alarm mode LED glows. In the alarm mode the controller works on a timed cycle. The controller automatically reverts to normal mode when the problem clears.


Condensate sensing drain valves are suitable for all compressed air systems like :

Air receivers
Air dryers
Inter and after coolers.

Technical Specifications:
Specification Model
LDV - 1000 LDV - 2000
Maximum Working Pressure 10 Kg / cm² 16 Kg / cm²
Minimum Working Pressure 2 Kg / cm² 2 Kg / cm²
Maximum Discharge Quantity 25 litres / hr 135 litres / hr
Capacity upto 250 cfm upto 1000 cfm
Weight 1.25 Kg 3 Kg
Fluid Temperature 75 °C 75 °C
Class of Protection IP 55 IP 55
End Connection Inlet ½ " (F) BSP ½ " (M) BSP
End Connection Outlet 6mm Hose barb ½ " (F) BSP
Voltage 85 to 265 V AC 50/60 Hz, 1Ph 85 to 265 V AC 50/60 Hz, 1Ph
Power Consumption 12 Watts 12 Watts
Test / Manual override button    
Intelligent Controller    
Dimension L * B *H (mm) 115 ? 100 ? 100 220 ? 115 ? 165
Valve orifice 4 mm 8 mm

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