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Oilfree air Compressor & Vacuum pump ranges are the result of innovative technology. All critical parts are manufactured in CNC machines. Take a look at this unique package system. It is an advanced 100% oilfree reciprocating compressor based air system. Totally engineered, Plant tested, Proven in performance. Comes in tank mounted version. Needs no foundation. Requires very little time and labour in installation. Ready to use. Just plug in to the power outlet, and enjoy quality compressed air. Different models are available for Domestic, Medical, Professional and Industrial use.

Advanced Concentric disc valve technology

Specifically designed and adopted exclusively for our compressors, they ensure uninterrupted operation and long service life. As a result, you only need an annual shutdown for maintenance.

Manufactured on computerised SPMs, the perfect concentricity and flatness provides close tolerances and ensures an aerodynamic flow for low resistance. All of which means higher reliability, least valve losses & power savings.

Light weight piston & teflon rings

Special design light weight piston result in lesser inertia forces resulting in increased power savings and the ceramic filled teflon piston rings are higher wear resistant and hence have longer life.

One piece bearing suited for near life time operation

Shrunk fit bearings ensure proper alignment & clearance thereby reducing wear and tear. They have very high load bearing capacity. Ideally suited for high pressure piston compressors. Very high reliability & hardly needs replacement.

Overhung crank shaft for easy maintenance

Twin sleeve bearing on the crankshaft at the flywheel side to take the weight of the belt wheel. It is very easy to repair at customer site.

Vacuum Pump Technical Details:

Piston Displacement Free Air delivery Motor Power Compressor Tank Capacity


Belt Driven - Single Stage - 230V / 1 Ph / 440V / 3Ph / 50 Hz)
Vacuum - 10V 120 4.2 29 736 1 0.74 850 100
Vacuum - 285V 492 17.4 29 736 2 1.48 850 150
Vacuum - 294V 878 31.0 29 736 3 2.20 850 220
Vacuum - 305V 1473 52.0 29 736 5 3.70 850 270
Vacuum - 57V 2493 88.0 29 736 7.5 5.50 850 500
Vacuum - 65V 3740 132.0 29 736 10 7.40 850 1000V
Conversion : 1 mch Hg = 25.4 mm Hg, 1 kg / cm² = 735mm Hg
For any other capacity contaact factory. Due to continues improvements, specifications are subject to change without notification.
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