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.::: ENERGY SAVER :::.
A quality range of Energy Saver equipment that is in compliance with the international standards. These precision engineered products are meant for saving power across the various application areas. The range is offered at economical prices to the clients.

.:::Power Saver:::.
The company is engaged in employing reactive power management system and harmonics filtering system, which comprise electronic circuits, special zigzag inductors, hi-tech r. C. Circuits and essential electrical switch gear systems.

power saving is basically achieved by improving power quality and filtering the power pollution in ac lines. Power savers are available in four models to suit lighting, motors, air conditioners and mixed loads.

Panel controls & indications:

>> voltage & current selection switches
>>input three phase power on
>> meters: voltmeter, ammeter & energy meter


>> overload with mcb / mccb
>> short circuit with hrc fuses
>> manual bypass provision arrangement
>> spike, surges & rf suppressers


>> power savings above 20% in discharge lighting
>> reduces heat generation in chokes, blast and prevents energy loss & hazards
>> reduction in md
>> improves life of all equipment
>> uses imported, high quality raw material to get high efficiency of 99. 5 %
>> uses isolation shielding to suppress the harmonics and to give quality power to load
>> uses power capacitors
>> reduces maintenance cost by 80%
>> continuous duty rated 24 x 7 x 365
>> pay back period is 8 to 12 months based on site conditions & usage
>> life guaranteed above 15 years
>> eligible for accelerated depreciation benefit, which is 80% as per it act
>> we can also provide timing profile for enhanced power savings

.::Air Conditioner Energy Saver::.
Air conditioner energy saver is capable of saving power up to 20 % and is designed using real time clock that have nonvolatile memory. Hence, power interruption of any duration does not call for reprogramming or manual intervention. These controllers are programmed to switch “off” all the air conditioners during off peak hours that result in more energy saving.


• pst 29 useful for two numbers of ac's working in a room
• pst 39 useful for three numbers of ac's working in a room
• pst 49 useful for four numbers of ac's working in a room
• pst 69 useful for six numbers of ac's working in a room
.::Technical specifications::.

• technology: risc based micro controller with real time clock
• operating voltage : 230 v +/- 20%
• operating frequency: 50 hz.
• no of a. C. Units: 2 nos. To 6 nos.
• operating cycles: 4/ 6/ 8/12 hour
• operating method:
• > above 26º c all ac's on
• > between 23ºc to 26ºc minimum ac on
• > below 23ºc all ac's off
• time delay for switching: 2 to 3 min. (initial)
• temperature sensor: high sensitive semiconductor temperature sensor audio and visual indication
• by-pass (optional)
• an alarm is provided to alert the failure of any working air conditioner.
• remote monitor is possible


• high voltage
• low voltage
• overload
• emi/rfi filters provided to suppress spikes & surges

.:::Automatic Power Factor Controller Panel:::.
We are manufacture a precision range of Automatic Power Factor Controller Panel that is meant curtailing power and saving energy by maintaining higher amount of power. These panels are meant for minimizing energy consumption and enhance the life of the existing electrical panels
Our clients can avail from us a quality range of automatic power factor controller panel that is available at industry leading prices to the clients. In the present scenario, the constantly rising power tariff & penalties imposed by the state electricity boards / utility companies, it is imperative for any ht & lt industry / consumer to install an automatic power factor controller system. This is meant for curtailment of power penalty and save energy by consistently maintaining higher power factor.

Low power factor leads to poor power efficiency, thereby increasing the apparent power drawn from the distribution network. These results in overloading of transformer, bus bars, switch gears, cables and other distribution devices within the industry or consumer area.

Our power factor correction systems ensure optimum power supply for running loads by:

Avoiding of power factor penalty
Reduction in maximum demand (kva)
Reduction in energy (kwh) consumption
Claim higher power factor incentives
Longer life of the existing electrical distribution components such as transformer, switch gears, cables

The electrical networks cater to variety of non linear loads (like ups, soft starter, vfd), which dynamically fluctuate and create waveform distortion thereby necessitating installation of apfc panel with line filter. These facts warrant the consumer to install an ideal automatic power factor correction (apfc) system aimed to:

Avoid penalization for lower power factor
Have incentives for higher power factor operation that may be extended to industries by some electricity boards/ companies
Optimize the connected load for improved plant load factor
Avoid manual disruption
Avoid high current consumption losses
Improvement in voltage regulation
Decrease maximum demand kva, thus avoiding penalty & demand charges


We have wide range of apfc panels with 6 stage, 8 stage, 14 stage controllers
Panels are available in the range of 20 kvar to l000kvar
These panels have built in surge suppression network for each switch to suppress the dangerous surges generated while operating power factor correction.


The additional advantages of operating your entire factory with apfc panels are:

Minimizing the line losses, thus saving power consumption.
Longer life for all electrical circuits, cables, bus bars, switches, motors
Decrease in the downtime and enhanced performance of the connected equipment.
Curtailment of leading power factor

.:::Street Light Controller:::.
A wide range of street light automation systems that is precision engineered by our team of experts. These are micro controllers programmed systems are meant for on-off timings. The systems are meant for conserving energy and are thus, meant for avoiding wastage of energy and adopting methods to save energy. Our systems are economical in controlling the electrical unnecessary burden. In the present scenario, india has 16 % of world population but less than 1% of world energy resources.

Our range comprises micro controllers and rtc (real time clock) and user programmable settings for programs that can be done for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, half yearly, yearly, and as per seasonal timings.


>> Micro controller based
>>With built in real time clock
>> Additional profiles can be programmed photo sensor implemented(optional)
>> Two line lcd display (led display optional)
>> Parameter settings for each season for total year even every quarter of the month
>> Ip: 55 protection
>> Power consumption less than 1 watt
>> Protected from spikes and surges
>> Protected from wide voltage fluctuation
>> High voltage protection
>> Over load protection short circuit protection
>> By pass facility
>> With stands for wide temperature variation 5º c to 60º c
>> With highly accurate timer
>> Applicable for any load
>> Remote on/off facility
>> User friendly design
>> Optional feature of infra red light sensing control
>> Program available to work for multi channel to switch on/off alternative lights


•unmanned, accurate on-off operations, avoiding the human errors thus, saving power in factories, stockyards, ports, public lighting systems
•to on-off municipal, public lighting systems at regular timings as programmed to eliminate human attention & error.
•to ring bells at correct intervals in schools, colleges & factories.

.::: Universal Timer :::.
A comprehensive range of universal timer (model pst 9) that is an ideal device to switch on & off the load without any manual interference. The timers are based on rtc and can be programmed according to the requirement of the user. These operate with a time interval of 30 min or 60 min duration & the duration of on time & off time can be selected by the position of dip switches provided.

this is used for operating aviation lamps air conditioners, glow sign boards and all lighting applications in the industry.


• Durable
• Accurate readings
• Hassle free operation

.:::Street Light Automatic System:::.
We offer high quality street light automatic system
Energy Saver
Automatic Power Factor Controller

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