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A wide spectrum of Isolation Transformers that is meant for protecting the sensitive equipment from spikes and noises. These are manufactured using superior quality raw material and are known for their capacity to alter the frequency. The range is widely useful for DVD’s, computers and CNC machines. Available in different dimensions, these can be custom made as per the requirements of the clients.
.:::Isolation Transformer:::.

We have the expertise of designing and manufacturing a wide range of isolation transformers that is available in various specifications. These are meant for reducing the effects of power line problems such as noise, spikes, surges, transients and neutral. Owing to the inductive & capacitive loads, electronic ballasts and with pwm switching systems the present ac power lines are superimposed with dangerous spikes, surges, transients, sags and rfi noise & harmonics. The line noises such as spikes, surges, transients and cause stress on semi conductor components.

the machine systems experience catastrophic program and software failures, extensive damage to plc’s and storage media, leading to heavy losses of production, data and man-hours. Isolation transformers are capable of eliminating electrical noises, specially noises, spikes, surges, and transients.

..::: Application areas:::..  

>> CNC machines
>> Bio- medical equipment
>> Printing machinery
>> Large computer installations
>> Telecommunication equipment
>> Scientific equipment

Ratings available
415v ac 3-ph
•415 v ac 3-ph

•150va 3-ph and up to 500 kva 3-ph
415v ac 3-ph
•220 v ac 3-ph

•150va 3-ph and up to 500 kva 3-ph

230 v ac 1-ph
•230 v ac 3-ph

•150va 1-ph and up to 50 kva 1-ph
230 v ac 1-ph
•110 v ac 3-ph

•150va 1-ph and up to 50 kva 1-ph

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