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Filling Nitrogen in your tires with cherry Precision Products Nitrogen genaretors, is a good way to getbetterperfomence and safety frome your tires.Nitrogen molecule is bigger in size than the normel compressed air. Nitrogen can offer many advantages

Nitrogen series nitrogen generators with in built tire inflation systems is a boon to people who want more mileage out of their vehicle’s tires , better safety and riding comfort nitron series PSA nitrogen generators are DUAL POWER operated the tire inflation system automatically switches over to a built in battery power failure . this unique feature helps to inflate all vehicles tires with the stored nitrogen in case power fails in between
This automatically indicates the ‘nombers of tires’inflated at that point of time. easy to read LCD Display can store up to 99999 counts.


Tire pressure can be indicated either in metric units as kg/cm2 or in imperial units as psithrough selector bottons in the front panel. The corresponding light will glow.


Both SET PRESSURE and ACTUAL PRESSURE can be read in the large LED / LCD display
in the front panel.

The feature is intended to be used in tires which are to be filled with nitrogen for the first timein order to effectivelyevacuate the normal compressed air from tire, VAC duration in secondshas to be selected. Using the UP ON selector swotches provided next to LCD display unit VAC duration can be varified from 1 to 180 seconds depending on the size of the tire normally abiut 60 to 90 seconds is recommended for cars.

To conserve energy we advocate against using the value in the tire. let us save energy for our future generation.


The mode selector is used to select amongst motor cycles/car/LCV. This in tuen selects the approiate
valve constant to quickly and safely complet tire inflation,


CYCLE START button when pressed starts the VAC cycle and automatically switches over to SET
PRESSURE and completes the cycle with a BEEP indication

>> Improved road Grip
>> Safer all-wether performance
>> Increased fuel economy
>> No internal oxidation through the elimination of moisture.
>> Increased tire life.
>> Longer refill intervel


Our Tire Inflator based on 'Microprocessor based Embedded Technology' offer you a economical solution for your automatic tire inflation needs.

Technical Specifications

Operating range: 0 to 140 psi
Accuracy: 0.5% FS reading
Ambient Temp.: 0°C to 50°C
Power Input: 230 VAC 50 Hz
Display: 1" LED display / LCD (Optional)
Dimensions (L x B x H): 200mm x 100mm x 80mm


>> Large LED display / LCD (Optional)
>> Up / Down keys to set the required pressure
>> Empty tire (Flat tire) inflation
>> Audio beep for set pressure
>> Heavy Vehicle model available - upto 250 psi working pressure
>> Wall mount as well as trolley mount models available
>> Membrane switches @ rain proof enclosure
>> Selector for Kg/Sq. Cm or psi selection

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