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We are engaged in offering Stabilizers of all types that offer protection against all types of power fluctuations. These are designed and manufactured using superior quality raw material. Our range is tested to ensure its flawlessness. Further, these are offered at economical prices to the clients.
.:::Servo Stabilizer (air-cooled):::.

Our clients can avail from us a quality range of servo stabilizer (air-cooled) that is in compliance with the standards of the industry. These stabilizers are widely used across the industry and are acclaimed for their strength, hassle free operation and optimum protection against voltage fluctuations.
Input voltage range
•300 v – 460 v ac 50 hz 3 ph
Other input ranges
•245 v- 460 v ac 3ph
•340 v- 460 v ac 3ph
•360 v- 460 v ac 3ph
•other ranges as per customer requirement
Output voltage
•380 v / 400 v/ 415 v ac 3ph 50 hz
System •unbalanced 4 wire : r y b n
Connections •star

.:::Servo-stabilizers (oil Cooled):::.

The importance of the use of servo voltage stabilizer (single and three phases) with sensitive electronic and electrical equipment is well known. No one likes to risk the life of costlier appliance, cnc machine, electrical equipment, motor lab equipment, medical equipment etc, by connecting ac voltage which is not stabilized and dips at one point of time and at other point of time rises to very high value. Power bank india voltage stabilizer have been designed to give a constant output voltage for single as well as three phase applications with stability +- % of the efficiency has been maintained a s high as 98% or more.

output voltage stability of servo voltage stabilizer allows the optimum drawing of the current by load and as such no extra electrical poweris consummed at low as well as high voltage. Therefor use of servo voltage stabilizer saves power and reduces mdi. The microprocessor control makes operatig flaw less.

.:::Technical specifications:::.
1 kva to 100 kva single phase
3 kva to 3000 kva three phase
Input voltage range
1 phase 160v - 260v / 140v - 280v and
90v - 270v
340 - 480 / 300 to 470
3 phase 270v - 460v, 250v - 460v and
150v - 460v
Output voltage range
1 phase 220 / 230 / 240 +/- 1%
3 phase 380 / 400 / 415 +/- 1%
Output waveform
true to input
Input frequency
45 - 55 hz
Response time
10 m. Sec.
Correction speed
10 - 105 v/sec
Correction methods
step less correction using variac
natural air / oil
Control circuit
fully automatic ic based solid stat, glass
epoxy control card for easy on line
Duty cycle
auto / manual
No load loss
auto / manual
No load loss
less than 1%
Compatibility to dg set

specially designed control card for failthful
operation on mains as well as dg set
suitable for 3 phase unbalanced/balanced
supply, unbalanced / balanced loads
Operating temperature
-15oc to 50oc
Additional facility 110 volts output can also be given.
.::Servo Stablizers::.
Servo Stabilizer (air-cooled)
Servo Stabilizer (Oil-cooled)
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